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"Ultimately, America's answer to the intolerant man is diversity, the very diversity which our heritage of religious freedom has inspired."—Robert F. Kennedy

Charles Darwin postulated that ethnic diversity was due to the natural selection process of 'survival of the fittest', and was responsible for both the 'inferior' and 'superior' races of human beings. He also taught that women were less evolved than men, biologically and intellectually. Adolph Hitler believed that the evolutionary process of humans could be directed by scientists by eliminating 'underdeveloped' races in order to avoid polluting the process of developing a 'superior race'. Of course, the tragedy of this worldview resulted in millions being murdered for the sake of human engineering, while millions more were killed in the battle to defend the world against this doctrine of National Socialism.

The United States is called the 'melting pot' for good reason. Our ethnic diversity is due to our country's moral ethic of compassion and inclusion. We're certainly not perfect when it comes to embracing each other's cultures, but we're home to the most diverse cultural mix on the planet.

The biggest difference between the world's view of diversity and God's view—is unity. The world simply doesn't have the same foundation of common ground, which is found in the 'oneness' of faith in Christ. The unconditional, sacrificial love that crosses all cultural barriers is what bonds the entire body of believers. Romans 15:5-7 1Corinthians 12:12

The same God that made every nation of man Acts 17:26 also made us unique individually with our diverse talents, personalities, interests and ambitions. Ephesians 4:10-12 Whoever thought that Christians were cut from the same mold has never seen a youth group on a missions trip! Teens of every shape, size, and color (and that's just their hair) using their individual skills and giftedness (digging, drilling, sawing, nailing, painting, cooking, cleaning, preaching, teaching, sewing, hugging, playing, singing) to accomplish a common goal—reflecting the love of Christ. Romans 12:4-8

Two thousand years ago, the Jewish religious leaders were appalled at Jesus for hanging out with the common people and 'outcasts' of society—tax collectors, fishermen, prostitutes, lepers, the lonely, the poor, the broken-hearted... even women, children and Gentiles! Luke 5:30-32 Jesus was the perfect example of not showing prejudice or favoritism. Jesus' half brother, James, admonished the believers in the early church for the same kind of prejudice that, to our disgrace, we still often practice today. James 2:1-4 One day we will all realize that the ground is level at the foot of the cross. Romans 14:9-12

The message of the Gospel was to be shared with all people of every nation. Acts 1:8 This message began in Jerusalem, then to nearby cities, then spread like wildfire throughout the ancient world.The history of this salvation message being presented to both Jews and Gentiles (Greek, Syrian, African—basically, every nationality other than Jewish) is recorded in the Book of Acts. A lot of ethnic division and cultural barriers challenged those first followers of Christ. Some of their cultural practices were forbidden by God (sexual immorality, idol worship, infant sacrifice, to name a few), while other customs were fine. But the Truth of the Gospel breaks down the wall of hostility Ephesians 2:13-14 and unites diverse people without sacrificing the uniqueness of their society. Romans 14:13-18

The legacy of Jesus' great commission continued throughout history and is being fulfilled right now—in every corner of the earth. Today, the Gospel is in the process of reaching every language, every culture, every nation. As a result of the willingness of those who crossed these cultural barriers, there will be a vast and vibrant rainbow of believers standing before the throne of Christ. Revelation 7:9

"How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news!"